The Artist


Marge Mount


A note on Giclee Prints:

You can choose your favorite painting to be transferred to a Giclee print. Twenty editions are available, accompanied by a certificate of Authenticity.

Giclee (ghee-clay) or Iris Prints are produced one at a time, using water based inks on 100% cotton rag watercolor paper or canvas. Giclee is a French word meaning "liquid spray."

The original painting is first scanned into a computer and color-balanced by a graphic artist. Then a special high-tech printer, called an Iris printer, transfers or "sprays" the image of the original painting directly onto the watercolor paper or canvas with literally millions of microscopic dots of color. The resulting prints are rich in saturation and vibrant color. The editions of 20 are carefully numbered and signed by the artist.

With their superior quality, Giclee prints have gained wide acceptance. The Louvre in Paris used them to reproduce and display work too fragile or valuable to be put on display normally.

The 100% watercolor rag print must be protected from sunlight and fluorescent lighting. It is important to frame them under UV protective glass or plexiglass.

The Giclee canvas prints are sprayed with a protective coat of varnish twice, and therefore are much more durable.